Friday, February 20, 2015

Java, Lenovo, Crapware and my Annoyance

I wrote about Java's sneaky install of the crap before, but this has come up again for me. So, let me go on a little bit more. When installing Java, or Java updates, make sure you uncheck the "Search App by Ask". Watch for this screen here:

Fortunately, the fix for this is pretty straightforward: go to Control Panel, Remove Programs and then remove it.

I love Java, and Oracle, but this just annoys the heck out of me. This puts them in the same doghouse that Lenovo resides in right now. I find it annoying enough for them to embed this adware at the root level, but then to try and minimize the security risk involved just angers me. I've had great success with Lenovo machines and like to recommend them. This, though, greatly impacts that trust.

In case you have one of the possibly infected machines, here are some tools for you:

Departures on Netflix

Years ago, I fell in love with a Canadian TV travel show, Departures. It's one of the shows that made me second guess cord-cutting. Beautiful cinematography and hosts with a very unique viewpoint, I can't recommend Departures enough. A brief summary of the show: hosts Scott Wilson & Justin Lukach along with cinematographer Andre Dupis drop everything and explore the world for a year. That year ends up extending into 3, each with it's own season. Other travel hosts tend to have some kind of agenda, whether finding the best travel deals, exploring a certain element of a culture, or such. The guys really don't. They travel to destinations that intrigue them and, in a rather zen-like manner, allow the location and people they meet to guide them. At least that's how the show comes across. It's really about human connection.

So imagine my joy when, recently, I popped into Netflix and beheld this glorious site:

I'm very, very happy to see this. Go forth and stream this one with my highest recommendations.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Automating Your Blog? No!

Just got an email that promised to "put your blog on autopilot". Of all the things to automate, pawn off, whatever, with social media, this NOT a solution. EVER! The closest thing I will ever do is suggest a copywriter. However, this is YOUR voice. It's better to spend a few minutes a day on this than rehash commodity content. Oh, and there are SEO considerations as well.

Personally, I've seen blogs that are publishing the same content as others. Occasionally the EXACT same posts. Those sites lose all credibility with me.

One person I know experimented with one of these services. Their blog's rankings grew rapidly, for a brief time. Then, abruptly, their rankings and page views plummeted. I believe Google sees when you're pumping out the same content as "everyone else", and you get banished to SEO hell.

It's better if you can just do this yourself. Blogging shouldn't be that deep or time consuming. Share your expertise, your value add, how you see things. Really, that's it. A copywriter can figure out your voice, your unique take on things, and create relevant and distinctive content. As someone who loves to write, and loves to help people find their place/their audience on the internet, I love to do this for folks. What's most important is putting forth that unique voice. That's what distinguishes you from all the others who do the same sort of thing.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Random Thoughts About The Last Week

I spent most of last week in Orlando taking part in Keller Williams Family Reunion. Around 15k real estate agents from all over the globe deepening our knowledge and celebrating the unique culture that is KW. It's an amazing event.

My focus: developing my internet marketing skills. Tons of new ideas, which I'll flesh out more fully in the coming weeks. Evernote got a lot of use! Digging through all of that will be a continuous review.

Friday, I took what I called a Decompression Day. Focused on organizing my thoughts, mail and desk. And since my son had a half day, I was able to just hang out. I took him and one of his friends to Donut Factory. Lynnwood area friends, this is worth your time. Very tasty with an eclectic blend of flavors. We decided to go again yesterday, too.

Seattle's weather was dramatically different, but that was great for me. I love Florida, and it's glorious weather. Seattle, though, is home. The cool morning mists make me content. Once that sense of home is achieved, one's relationship forever is changed.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

More Tech Thoughts From The Sky

I'm sitting on a plane now returning to Seattle after the better part of a week away. With my trusty tablet, though, I'm pretty fully connected. My laptop is at my feet, sleeping peacefully. My phone is charging. And I'm fully in touch with the world. Well, save for the slow wifi and the fact I lost my stylus. The wifi should be excused as it looks like nearly everyone is online in some way, shape or form.

But we're never satisfied, are we? Always want more, more speed, more power, and that's what drives innovation and competition. The possibility to out innovate the established player drives us further.

Still, I'm struck by what I can do, right now. It didn't seem so long ago that it was novel to just use a laptop in flight, without any connectivity. Really, if we think about it, it's amazing.

Someone will make internet even faster, and other new glorious opportunities will arise. My biggest hope, though, is that we shorten security lines and shorten flight times. Oh, to dream!