A Career Change Launching 2017

Sunsets come before sunrises

Hello Everyone, Perhaps you know me from my time at Starbucks, Microsoft, Christ Episcopal Church, or with our kids interacting together at Lynndale Elementary, Meadowdale Middle…or in some other capacity (I try to get out and about, you know). Friday was my last day with the C&K Real Estate team at Keller Williams Northwest in Marysville. … [Read more…]

Facebook Page Spoofing: A Newer Internet Annoyance

I’ve received notices from time-to-time from “friends” who I’d already friended. Random and every so often. Today, it was my turn. It started with a good friend texting me saying he’d just gotten a friend request from me. Well, as we’ve been friends on Facebook for years, it was a tad bit suspicious. I jumped on … [Read more…]

I CAN = Innovate, Collaborate, Achieve and Network

This is a title for a training program which was emailed to me. I love this acronym! A great way to drive home keep components of effectiveness in today’s business climate, especially that of real estate. However, the connected world impacts us all. Experience “I CAN” Innovate, Collaborate, Achieve and Network