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Success Leaves Clues 

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This morning I woke early. It was not planned (generally isn’t).  I brain-dumped on how I could be managing all my projects better. All the things I think I could do better.  I realized how weird it might be to get excited about this.  Remember: I’m focused on growth. I don’t want to be focused […]

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Reflecting on Seth Godin’s “We Don’t Do Rabbits”

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Seth often makes me pause and think. “We don’t do rabbits” has a simple premise? Focus. A vet struggles to help a rabbit. Their challenge: they don’t know rabbits. Wouldn’t it be better for everyone, especially the rabbit, it said vet acknowledged this and referred them to a rabbit expert? Know what you’re good at, […]


On The Road 

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I’ve long admired that itinerant hippie lifestyle.  Driving into town within my VW Van, working for a few months raising money for the next leg of the trip. Spending years driving. Wind in my face, windows down, carefree.  Part of the love lingers on. But I’ve left that motion behind. It really doesn’t match my […]