Welcome to my website, where I wax elegantly about whatever nerdly stuff tickles my fancy.

So, who am I?

  • I’m a technophile who’s studied many different computing systems and ideologies. Not quite a computer scientist, but a power user of many systems and tools.
  • With that, I’m OS agnostic. Completely capable in all Windows and Mac Versions, as well as many variants of Linux.
  • An alum of the US Navy’s Nuclear Power Program, with a solid engineering skill-set and experience with complex project management process.
  • I’ve managed projects and programs in a wide variety of settings, from construction projects to communication strategies, as well as general operations.
  • A geek who loves things Star Trek and Star Wars, Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell.
  • A nearly life-long resident of greater Seattle.
  • I’m a licensed real estate agent currently working for a construction company.

Computers and technology have been a huge part of my life. From getting a certificate in “information processing” back when Lotus spreadsheets were pretty novel, to design classes focused on Photoshop, InDesign and Quark (remember Quark?). I’ve built my own machines, surfed BBS and dialed into the 1980s and 90s internet. I’ve coded and built websites with html, then used tools like FrontPage, Blogger and WordPress. And I’m unafraid to open them up and do a little PC surgery.

Career-wise, I’m currently a permit tech for Eagle Country Construction. Over my career, I’ve provided general administrative support, blogged and managed social-media for the C&K Real Estate Team, worked Public Policy for AARP, managed church operations and communications (email, web, print), was privileged to work at Starbucks in the Corporate Social Responsibility, Communications and Public Affairs departments, as well as several projects at Microsoft.

Most of my work has centered on project and program management, and general business administration, with a dash of techy goodness thrown in for good measure. Ultimately, I “get stuff done” utilizing strategic communication skills, project management knowledge and technological prowess. My breadth of industries, roles and places I’ve lived enable me to have meaningful dialog with a wide-range of people, the full array of stakeholders. That’s been very helpful when navigating life’s inevitable challenges.