Wednesday, July 01, 2015

The critical importance of the pdf

I've seen some creative uses of PDFs, Adobe's ubiquitous document tool. My favorite lately: printing out the fill-in PDF form, filling it in on a typewriter, then scanning and resending. A rather unique blend of old and new technology. This got me thinking about how important the PDF has become.

In real estate now, the PDF is used for most documentation. And our transaction forms (at least in Seattle) are all fill-in PDFs. The ability to edit and manage these forms is critical to business. Fortunately, there are many tools for this, and one isn't bound by the brutal Adobe pricing structure. I fully recommend this investment for every business.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

A Unique Real Estate Market Observation

The end of this week, leading into the weekend, I have been barraged by a huge number of "open house" and "newly listed" marketing messages. It's a completely subjective analysis, sure, but reinforces many of the messages I've been getting lately: this summer's Puget Sound real estate market is hot. 

As a seller, expect multiple offers on any reasonably priced home. (Note: strong seller's markets do not equate to a magical "I can charge anything I want" pricing strategy.) As a buyer, be prepared for being one of many and that you might need to make offers on many homes to get in. It's easy to get what I've heard called "buyer fatigue" (a great descriptor). Tenacity and realistic expectations are very helpful right now. 

Anyway, just an observation. Go and enjoy the weekend!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Reflecting on a decade + of blogging, change, consistency and uniqueness

Just read Om Malik's "In 12 years of blogging, the more things change, the more they stay the same". Though I launched this site nearly 10 years ago, I've been blogging longer. Whether more than 12 years, I'm unsure. His article, though, gave me pause. Lately, I've been distributing my interests across multiple sites. The logic being to ensure content consistency. However, as Om points out, by doing such I run the risk of being just another site. Without the unique blend of content that reflects my interests, that tells my story, things become somewhat sterile and devoid of uniqueness. Blogging's strength is how it brings unique voices forward.

Now, what to do with such knowledge. One thing: work on reintegrating my web presence. More postings here, vs all the distributed channels. Also, though, I shall feel free to expand and explore all my interests here. Expanding on the unique perspective that is, well, me. So, forward I go.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Modern Business, Social Media, and @Taylorswift13

Inc. has a great piece looking at Taylor Swift and her uber-successful social media dialog with Apple. I've been very impressed with Ms. Swift. Her savvy social media execution has helped build her into a powerful brand. This is a woman who will have a powerful impact for years to come.

The article sums up the tools she used for success in this case nicely. She maintained a respectful tone in her dialog with Apple (I'm reluctant to use any other term as she made a statement and Apple, extremely wisely, took the advice). They also look at the way she's managed her relationship with her fans, with which I think she's done an exceptional job. And I adore the way she's poked fun, in a very positive way, at the media speculation and harassment that follows her.

Ms. Swift is a bright, talented and engaging woman, who I think has done an exceptional job to date managing her brand, life and business interests. There's a lot to learn from her savvy, no matter the sector you find yourself in. And if you're in the arts, there's tons.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Happiness must evolve & grow

Happiness and satisfaction are not static, but constantly evolving. I need to kept growing. The shinyness fades over time, needing continuous refreshment.