Sustainable Lifestyles

Food and Food Systems

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I just finished “The Wisdom of the Radish“, by Lynda Hopkins. Once working in business practices and environmental affairs for a large coffee company in Seattle, sustainability is part of my ethos. Thus, this work connected with me. Additionally, I have been reflecting on our food system. Concerned with how much poverty one finds interwoven; […]


’twas the Cold Before Christmas

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’twas the night before Christmas,And all through the house We all were coughing and wheezing Especially my spouse. My son was wheezingAnd coughing up goo. We’re hot and then freezingJust feeling like poo. Medicines arranged On the counter darn well,With hopes these germs Would be blasted to hell. My wife with Kleenex I had some […]

Personal Reflections

Innovation Thoughts

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“When you wish to achieve results that have not been achieved before, it us am unwise fancy to think they can be achieved by methods that have been used before.” – Sir Francis Bacon It’s critical, then, to expand knowledge. Study areas and ideas unrelated to your focus. Only by expanding your understanding of the […]