Life Is

Life is simply too short to sit back, to let the status quo grind along. I know justice can be broadened, that poverty can be challenged, that predation amongst my fellow humans can be resisted. Small, tiny acts build, flow together, creating a river of growth, of progress. We just must act! Each action, no matter how small, grows, collects, cumulating in the amazing. Do something, stand together, do something else; it’s the path of progress.

Young People Today

One of my current frustrations: people groaning about youth. About them taking selfies, too self-centered, too intertwined with their families…I can make this list mammoth, if you so wish. I’ve had the privilege, though, of getting to know a number of teens and early twenty-somethings. And these are great people. I delight in spending time with them. Their energy and enthusiasm are just so damn wonderful. They have ambitions, dreams. They’re deeply talented and CARE about their work.

The universe is in good hands with them. I’m happy.

[Updated to deal with autocorrect brutalities. For a professional writer, this was abysmal.]

The sacredness of the collective

Needing each other,
Concepts that challenge
Our current narrative
Of ruddy singletons
Who need no assistance.

Our need for each other:
Desperate. Alone, truly
Alone, we die. The greatest leader,
Without others accomplishes

Thrive on interdependence,
When one thrives, so do all.
We tunnel into and through
Ourselves, escaping into each

Mother’s Day

Mothers, may the appreciation showered upon you today make up for the manifest times you’re taken for granted. “Being taken for granted” means your children have the deepest sense of trust, of security in you, in your presence. Security; that stony foundation upon which life’s brutalities break and fall. Thus we move forward, stronger from love, from faith in ourselves; knowing we can yet still do better. Fully believing we will get there.