Ah, Wingdings and Useful Fonts

I regularly use Wingding elements such as check-marks. And I regularly forget the letters assigned to those characters.

I’ve used this chart in the past, yet need to Google it every time. The last time I needed it, I spent several minutes digging through the Google to find it. Scared me. So, here we go. Now I’ll never lose it again.

Writing, Organization and Personal Effectiveness

I just read “Why Paper Is The Real Killer App“. Reinforces a number of things I’ve learned the past few years. From the folly of multi-tasking, to the neurological benefits of writing, pen to paper writing. The article even, briefly, talks about cursive (no idea if there’s any benefit to cursive over printing, but it sounds cool. My handwriting, though, might preclude such).

Now, I’ve read quite a bit about the benefits of writing in regards to information retention and processing. Enough so that I’ve considered moving back to my Franklin-Covey Planning system. However, I’ve found another option. As the article above mentions, I’ve moved to a bullet-journal system. Now, the act of writing does seem to activate different parts of the brain than keyboards do. And that’s great! I see another benefit, though. I’m required to slow down, take a minute or two and write out ideas. Though I can write fairly fast, I’m forced to focus more closely on what I am doing. Not having Twitter/Facebook/email/what-have-you constantly popping into your consciousness is very helpful, too.

Check out the video below for a good intro. But, to sum up, it’s a notetaking and organization system that really only needs a notebook and pen. You can buy specially designed ones (when they’re in stock…they’re highly sought for right now).

A Career Change Launching 2017

Sunsets come before sunrises

Hello Everyone,

Perhaps you know me from my time at Starbucks, Microsoft, Christ Episcopal Church, or with our kids interacting together at Lynndale Elementary, Meadowdale Middle…or in some other capacity (I try to get out and about, you know).

Friday was my last day with the C&K Real Estate team at Keller Williams Northwest in Marysville. Now, I’m not leaving real estate…well, not completely. I’m moving over to Eagle Country Construction (also within Keller Williams Northwest) where I’ll manage the permitting process. An exciting new role and a new look at the real estate industry. After nearly 7 years on the residential sales side of the business, it felt like a good time for a change. Importantly: all of my C&K information will be inaccurate starting, well, now. Of course, you can stay connected with me right here!

I still have my real estate license and am maintaining my connections within the industry. If you are looking to buy or sell, let me know. I’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

So, besides all that, let’s hear about YOU! I’d love to hear how each of you is doing.

Also, I’m working on being better and keeping up with everyone. You can always connect with me on one of social channels below. And please subscribe to receive this via email. Just look in the upper-ish right hand corner for this:

Wishing everyone a positive and inspiring 2017!

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