Reflecting on Fortune’s article “Howard Schultz Has Something Left to Prove”

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I’m an alum of Starbucks, having worked at the SSC (Starbucks Support Center) from the time Orin Smith was at the helm, through Jim Donald’s tenure, and then getting laid off with 300 of my colleagues a few months after Howard returned. Starbuck’s history overlaps with key parts of mine. I still care quite deeply […]

Personal Reflections

The Need To Write

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Part of my brain is itching to write. Usually, there’s something to be said, though. “Oh, I need to blog about this…” coming flowing into my head. Today, though, there’s just a need to write, to type. Oddly, I’ve spent all day in front of a keyboard, so why spending more time in front of […]


Contemporary Communications

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A current cultural value: speed. Faster, faster…get more done sooner! So, with that, one of my recent personal observations: I need to slow down. In the grand flurry of work, I find it easy to wrap myself up in the frenetic nature of life and reactively communicate. My most common culprit: email, though other medium […]