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An lingering dream of mine 

An old life goal of mine: explore the country in a decent camper. Not a monstrous RV, rather, a modestly sized one. Perhaps a custom van, though one with a bathroom feels nice. My first version: a camper shell on a pickup truck. 
Sleeping close, up against nature, the world’s beauty elicits powerful feelings. All my fear proximal and organized: glorious! Driving up to my desired place, parking, leaping out, exploring without pitching a tent an unpacking? Delightful! 

Though the notion yet lingers amidst the darkness of my subconscious, I’ve hardly acted upon it.  I’ve owned a few vans and pickup trucks, not one outfitted for camping. No campers installed. No sinks or cook tops. No great motivation, I guess. Yet, up it pops, from time-to-time. 
​Dreams of journeying 

Sleeping right next to wonders 

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