Vista and other joys

Well, I’ve seen much of the hoopla around the release of windows newest edition and have been feeling quite underwhelmed. Nothing huge, mind you, just that I haven’t seen anything as yet to induce to buy any of the versions. Comically, I’m still trying to discern the differences between the different versions. What do I … [Read more…]


I once worked for a sausage factory and divided my time between shipping and the brat line. The chap I worked with was named Ever. That time is one of the toughest, for I worked for the Wurst boss, Ever.

Quote of the day

From Fergus and the Druid, W.B. Yeats “A wild and foolish labourer is a king, To do, and do, and do, and never dream.” We’re so focused on doing, on completing and accomplishing and advancing that we forget to dream. Heck, many of us forget how to dream! With no dreams, there are no goals, … [Read more…]

Seattle, The Viaduct, and Life In The City

Here’s my response to this article/survey (online at the Seattle PI). The Question: What’s the best option for the viaduct? Gov. Gregoire seems to have resuscitated the possibility for a tunnel to replace the Alaskan Way Viaduct. Have you decided what transportation option you want on the waterfront? If not, what information do you need … [Read more…]

Quote of the Day, Thanks to Google

“The outcome of any serious research can only be to make two questions grow where only one grew before.” – Thorstein Veblen This drives home a point that I’ve often meditated on; why is it that that exploration only whets the appetite for further exploration? I was once told that we’re close to knowing all … [Read more…]

Acquistion Timeline

Here’s a little gem put together by the folks at It shows all the acquisitions by Google, Microsoft and Yahoo over the past few years. It’s a very well done and thought provoking thing. Thanks to Marketing Pilgrim for featuring this.

Great Bumper Stickers

Some are quite dumb, but a few are cute/clever. >>>>Subject: Great Bumper Stickers!>>>>>>>> 1) (On an infant’s shirt): Already smarter than Bush>>>> 2) 1/20/09: End of an Error>>>> 3) That’s OK, I Wasn’t Using My Civil Liberties Anyway>>>> 4) Let’s Fix Democracy in This Country First>>>> 5) If You Want a Nation Ruled By Religion, … [Read more…]

New Phisher Scam

A scary new phisher exploit (pointed out by Deb at Eeek! Phishers get deadly serious Phishers have traditionally used trickery and deception to gain access to your personal information and, subsequently, your money. But now they’re resorting to threats of violence; a recent phishing scam purports to be from a professional hit man who’s … [Read more…]

iPhone-esque device – from LG

Engadget has a cool piece about LG’s iPhone-esque device. It convinces me that the format developed for the iPhone will be very popular. I haven’t had a chance to really research this, so I don’t know if this uses Symbian, Windows Mobile, or what. We’ll see, I guess. Not too much to excited over, but … [Read more…]