MacJournal has been a critical tool for me as a writer. This is where I explore so many of my ideas for columns, essays, poetry or fiction. It’s a wonderfully well thought out piece of software. Most fun for me, as I have been blogging, has been it’s interface with Blogger. It works with Livejournal, … [Read more…]


One thing I would love to see: an Apple tablet PC. Apple’s interface is so much nicer, the device more stable, and Apple has some great handwriting recognition software in the form of the old Newton OS. They would make a more elegant machine. One that used bluetooth to connect a keyboard to the device, … [Read more…]

Wireless, Palms & PDAs –

Wireless, Palms & PDAs – More on the Blackberry plight. I’m pretty convinced that there won’t be a service shut-down. NTP has a lot to gain by letting RIM keep selling, and RIM has the world to lose if they screw up again with this. Besides whatever losses they would incur with the NTP … [Read more…]