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Careers, Changes and Moving Forward

I’m proud to announce that I’ve accepted an offer with the great folks at Eagle Country construction. I’ll still be in the real estate sector, but I’ll be managing permitting on new construction. A significantly different role. I’m quite excited by the possibilities, but it’s bittersweet.

I’ve worked for C&K for over half a decade. During this time, I’ve learned so very much about business, real estate, marketing, social media and branding. I’ve learned the critical importance of CRM tools, and connection. And I’ve had the opportunity to learn so very much more about Snohomish County, where I’ve spent the majority of my life. C&K is a great team doing really exciting work, and leaving this group is sad, to say the least. Eagle County falls under the Keller Williams umbrella, so I won’t be going far. And, from a commute perspective, I’m literally only moving 2 blocks south.

The opportunities moving forward are quite exciting, and I’m looking forward to learning a new element of the real estate sector, while also putting my project management and technical skills towards helping another company move forward.

So, onwards, as it were.

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