Keyboxes, Wild Goose Chases, and This Afternoon

Lavery - 15811 Three Lakes Road, Snohomish

In the Seattle area, we real estate agents use electronic keyboxes to access houses. Which means, when we list a home, someone needs to zip to the property and put one on. My team put a house on the market yesterday, and we really wanted to get the keybox on today. So, after getting copies of our keys, I head out. This home isn’t too far from my office, but with afternoon traffic, it took me over 1/2 hour to head out to Snohomish. Oh, a key (see what I did there?) element of this house: it’s new construction…and under construction. Now, per our schedule, the doors are on. And per reality, they’re not.

It was a true Laugh Out Loud moment to walk to the house, past the construction team with a keybox and look at the non-existent front door. So, I’ll be heading back…at some point in the near future.

Live and learn…live and learn.


A few recommended Real Estate articles

As you may know, I work in the real estate industry. I’m a licensed real estate agent, though currently don’t have my license with a brokerage, and work in the construction sector. With that, I watch the industry closely. These articles below cover national trends, which do impact us at a local level, somewhat.

So, a few interesting articles about the national market.


Real Estate – Construction Thought Of The Day

A client saved a lot of money by buying house plans off the internet. However, the savings are being chipped away at by the needed engineering of the plans in order to make them compliant with local zoning and Washington State laws. Not sure if, in the end, they will still save money or these additional costs will raise bring up higher.

My advice: if you find a house you adore online, then, sure, go-ahead and buy those plans. Recognize that there will, most likely, be some additional costs associated with bringing the plans up-to-code locally. Make it about what you love, vs saving a few bucks here or there.

Hey, I fully support saving money. Just, well, make sure you’re not spending more money to save. Or, as a friend likes to put it, don’t step over dollars to get to nickles.