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The future of video content

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Just spent a moment exploring what’s available on YouTube, content-wise. Now, I love YouTubers like Casey Niestat and the like, but I was thinking about professional content. Things like Star Wars Rebels, movies, and other stuff. I was pleased by what I saw.  A nice thing about purchasing content through YouTube: it can be watched on […]

Personal Reflections

It’s Sunday night and I’m wide awake…hurray daylight savings time

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Note: I originally wrote this last weekend, but through some crazy glitch, it was scheduled for March 12, 2200.  Oh, the social train wreck, messing with circadian rhythms en masse, for fun and profit…or at sociopathic delight. I hate these time-shifts. Firmly in the camp of “these have out-lived any usefulness they might have had”, […]