Digital Life

Facebook Page Spoofing: A Newer Internet Annoyance

I’ve received notices from time-to-time from “friends” who I’d already friended. Random and every so often. Today, it was my turn.

It started with a good friend texting me saying he’d just gotten a friend request from me. Well, as we’ve been friends on Facebook for years, it was a tad bit suspicious.

I jumped on to my page, and up pops a message saying it looks like someone is pretending to be me and what do I want to. Actually, the whole process was pretty quick and easy. Ironically, while I was messaging a few other friends who’d let me know, I had a friend request from someone I’ve known for years. And got to report that one.

I’m really not sure the value of this, except for the ability to directly message people and solicit cash. Probably setting up a “I need emergency funds” scam.

Anyway, be duly diligent with new friend requests; especially if you suspect you already are Facebook friends. And, if someone pings you saying they’re in a Mexican jail needing bail money (or some such thing), be suspicious.

Be safe out there!