Personal Reflections

God help me, a snowy day in Seattle

Today’s schedule had plenty of driving. As snow started falling, I felt the normal dread Seattlites feel regarding snow. This region is pretty daft when snow falls and I can’t figure it out. 
Some elements make sense. We have significant sized hills, and lots of them. The weather patterns around here make the snow structurally different. I get it. 

However, we get a light dusting of snow. Snow that flowed with the wind, not packing onto a slick bundle of icy nuisance. 

And otherwise sane people become simply daft. 
This afternoon had two particularly memorable moments.  First I saw a car stop in the middle of a highway in order to turn right into a parking lot. This is middle lane of three lanes going south. With a long line of cars stopped behind, staring in bafflement. Then there was the car that, on a highway, pulled halfway onto a sidewalk/halfway in the right lane, while they stared at a cellphone. With other baffled drivers stuck behind this nonsense. 

These were the most egregious ones today. It was nerve-wracking driving with the buffoonified masses. Some days male me understand the desire to be a snowbird.