Halloween Comes To Lynnwood

Ah, a lovely Saturday in Lynnwood! Nary a cloud, and rather warm.

Besides the basic logistical efforts of weekend life (laundry, decluttering, groceries…), today was the day to costume shop. Well, for the kid, who’s losing his kid-like qualities quickly.

We made our way to Lynnwood’s Spirit Halloween. Even as I’m walking in, I can here the gang from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas singing “This Is Halloween”. For me, at least, this was delightful.

Looking around this store, that looks like the wardrobe department for a B horror flick. Rather impressive, really, especially considering the glorified trash bags I wore as “costumes” when I was a kid. Things looked like these:


And I had this one several times (I heart Spiderman):


The world has changed. And kid’s expectations have grown. Makes sense, I guess. And, though I’d love things to become dirt-cheap again, I’ll take the greater fun.

Spirit’s over in Lynnwood Square, I believe in the same spot as the old (ancient?) CompUSA. It’s next to where Sport’s Authority used to be. In the lot is a rather large sign admonishing non-patrons about this being a private lot. I found it amusing. Mainly since there’s a lot of vacant space in this strip-mall. I’m sure it’s from better times, when parking was more of a premium. Anyway, if you’re looking for a large retail space, they’ve got plenty for you. In case you didn’t know, within a 5-mile radius, we have a population in excess of 300,000 with an average household income of nearly $88,000. Not a bad neighborhood, huh?

In the parking lot is the old Chevy’s. I’ve been watching the building for some time.


I think the building’s been vacant more than it’s been occupied. I’m not sure how long the space has been vacant, but I’m sure you can lease it for a reasonable price. I know it’s been closed for at least 10 years I can speak of. I wonder why it’s still vacant? I don’t imagine there’s a good business case to made for a rotting, vacant building. I’m used to these situations have some kind of legal issue, whether insurance, probate, taxes, criminal…there’s some kind of issue.

I’ve been meaning to dive deeper within, but I’ve been busy. Soon, though.

Stay well, do great things!