Inspirational, Aspirational & Grounded 

Ah, meetings! This evening’s have me some ideas about leadership. 

We’re tasked with coming up with a plan to implement a new vision, which is in process. It’s an awkward place to find oneself. Trying to continue forward motion while leaving room for the input of others. I guess we’re in that proverbial “build the plane while flying it” place. 

In this place, while considering such things as agile methodologies and such things, I was struck about a key element of leadership. Keeping disparate mindsets working together. Especially when they strongly disagree. Then I came up with the line in the subject: inspirational, aspirational and grounded. 

Inspirational: having a focus on something bigger, moving towards something greater than the sum. And the ensuing excitement. Creating and sustaining that energy. 

Aspirational: doing something new, stretching, growing, moving towards greatness. 

Grounded: that feeling that this is something that can really be done. Non-vaporware. 

These elements are critical for creating and sustaining projects. The function of leadership, in my not so humble opinion. Navigating thorough the wilderness, creating the new and wonderful. That’s what delights me. And, so, these need to be parts of my life.