It’s Never Too Late To Start, It’s Never Too Early, Either

Grabbed the above image from Pinterest. 

Some great wisdom on this image. I often get stuck in “I should’ve done that years ago”, yet can also be paralyzed by “maybe I should wait…”, whether it’s more detail, risk aversion, or just fear of the unknown. It’s hard to avoid self doubt and recrimination.

With all this, I’m re-evaluating quite a bit of my life right now. Questions like “what do I want to do with my life”, “what skills do I want to build”. With that, all of my social media is being evaluated, too.

I need to focus. One of my challenges: all the things I’m trying to do. All the sites that I’m trying to manage, all the communities that I’m trying to be part of.

I expect I’ll drop some of my sites, and move others around. I might even launch a new one. We’ll see.

I want my efforts and resources to be building something. And something cool.

Have you done this sort of evaluation before? How’d it go? What advice do you have? I’d love to hear it.

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