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It’s Sunday night and I’m wide awake…hurray daylight savings time

Note: I originally wrote this last weekend, but through some crazy glitch, it was scheduled for March 12, 2200. 

Oh, the social train wreck, messing with circadian rhythms en masse, for fun and profit…or at sociopathic delight.

I hate these time-shifts. Firmly in the camp of “these have out-lived any usefulness they might have had”, I fine the tweaks annoying and disjointening (I just made that word up…yay me!).

So, I’m awake when I’d rather be asleep, and only starting to settle down. Being me, I thought it a great time for a blog post.

I spent a good chunk of the evening crafting some new logos for my son’s Youth Choir, the Snohomish County Youth Choir. I’m not super-happy with any of them, but they’re ok. It generally takes a few iterations before I’m ok with my work. And they’re never as good as I’d like. I’ll add them to my portfolio once I’m done and happy.

Also, I moved a bunch of photos into this site today, and built this gallery for my favorites. It’s been long-overdue. Actually, I thought I’d moved everything over and am only just now realizing I hadn’t. I have more work to do with this, which will keep my happily busy.

Anyway, enjoy!