Personal ReflectionsThe Glorious 80s

King: Love & Pride

Ah, this…simply glorious in all it’s 80s splendor!

Mullets (things of wonder, architecturally unsound yet resplendent in their glory), androgynous dress, spiky ginormous hair, weird leather and weirder suits, Doc Martens (spray-painted!), strange, nonsensical settings and graphics, and a bunch of young boys in leather running amok, and headbands!

Perhaps intending to grasp some Mad Max ethos by it’s desert setting, otherwise making no sense at all, this video captures a significant taste of the 80s zeitgeist!

I haven’t heard this song in ages. Yet, here it is, again, it all it’s New Wavy glory. And suddenly I’m a teen at Skootchies again (if you lived in Seattle in the 80s, you’ll get it).  May you be elevated by its electronic beat and funky vibe.