Northwest Geek Life

I’ve been enmeshed in what we now call “geek culture” since I was a kid. Since, well, way back when it wasn’t close to cool to be a “geek”. Before it was a sign of technical competence and high income potential.

I’m a technophile who’s studied many different computing systems and ideologies. An alum of the US Navy’s Nuclear Power Program,  I have a solid engineering skill-set and experience with complex project management process.

One of my first memories was of the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing. That ignited a life-long love all things space. My father is a committed Trekkie; I watched each and every episode, all while adjust the rabbit ear antennas.

Then, in the late 1970s, came Star Wars. The first scene captured my imagination, and it’s not let go since.

That inspired a long-time passion for computers and computing systems. The central focus of my most effective work.

Seattle has a vibrant geek scene. Featuring major events (here’s my list of Seattle area comicons and other geektastic events). We also are home to the Living Computer Museum, the Pacific Science Center, the Museum of Pop Culture (nee SciFi Museum), the Museum of Flight (with an official Space Shuttle simulator), and other great establishments. I’m sure it helps to have Microsoft and Amazon in the neighborhood.