Quote of the Day

Was just emailed this one: “Failure is the price of Legendary” ~ Robin Sharma

I was thinking about these sorts of things over the long weekend. A key moment was while watching “A Chef’s Life” on PBS. Vivian (show’s main focus) was struggling with anxiety around her life. With her book deal, as well as a next managing chef, her life has changed dramatically. She’s in unfamiliar ground, and not sure where she stands with things.

It makes perfect sense to feel this way: she’s never done anything like “this”. This is part of the lot for innovators. Doing the new and unique means you’re in uncharted territory, often without anyone doing anything even close. Living a life without roadmaps ensures “failure” lurks.

In order to really innovate, to achieve something Legendary, you have to stretch well past the comfort zone. Well into the potential to fail. So, in the end, the only road to success is through failure. With each failure, stand up, brush off, learn the lessons and move forward. That’s the only way to Legendary.