Personal Reflections

Some Thoughts On Gratitude

I spent the past few hours processing the acquisition of a new bank owned property for my real estate company. Nothing terribly unusual about that except for the way it was assigned.
The previous agent was fired by the asset management company. Assets get reassigned all the time. But agents don’t generally get all their stuff reassigned. This situation, though, the agent argued with their client; a seasoned asset manager. I don’t know the gory details beyond that. But the arguing part struck me.
I try to live a live based on gratitude. I’m hardly perfect, but I feel solid about the way I live. That’s the opposite, though, of arguing with your client. Perhaps failing to see through our own ego, perhaps caught up in their knowledge so much they can’t see other ways to do “the work”. I just don’t know.
But engaging with grace, disagreeing respectfully, these are key to my view of “professionalism”. And my view of being a decent human being. Though not perfect, I do try. Which, perhaps, is more than many. Sadly, I guess.