A Sunday Night Meditation

Life moves at this blur
Days blend together quickly
Cherish these moments

It’s hard at times to keep all this mental motion together. I blink and my son’s taller, the other children around become adults. And I age. Gracefully, I’m sure. But with certainty.

Glaring Back At Fear

I find it hard at times
As fears creep forth
Snaring my heart
Corrupting my dreams
Distorting logic
Contorting my focus
Into destruction
I don’t understand it’s allure
And why it captivates me
But I shall refuse it’s temptation
And uphold my dreams

On The Road 

I’ve long admired that itinerant hippie lifestyle.  Driving into town within my VW Van, working for a few months raising money for the next leg of the trip. Spending years driving. Wind in my face, windows down, carefree. 

Part of the love lingers on. But I’ve left that motion behind. It really doesn’t match my personality. 

I found this series on YouTube. Kombi life features folk who’ve done this. They’ve driven this weathered ol Kombi from Peru to Alaska. Quite impressive. 


Reflecting on 2017 and considering 2018

​It’s been a mixed year for me. I started a new job, one that pushed me far outside my comfort zone. As a rather cautious soul, that’s been quite challenging at times to deal with. The frustration of too much to do with constrained time. 

I did get to recapture AutoCAD knowledge, then grow and expand that knowledge. I’m looking to continue this growth. 

Another frustrating element for me: learning a new job. It’s one thing to expand my knowledge, quite another to learn a new role, where a company depends upon my effectiveness. It’s a rather terrifying sensation. Permitting, working with consultants, governmental representatives and departments had presented a deeper challenge. These organizations often are opaque and arcane. Learning their rules and needs requires delving into Byzantine regulations, laws and opinions. It’s often been murky and confusing. My project management skill set has been helpful. Actually, critical. 

More positively, I’ve grown as a martial artist, and my family has done some great stuff. I’ve deepened friendships I valued, and grown to new ones. I’ve also spent the past few weeks studying myself, seeking to deepen my understanding of what brings me joy, what brings me success. 

There’s great emotional risk in this research. What if my self-concept, ideas I’ve invested so much energy on, turn out to be bad fits? I realize my internal counterpoint needs to be “why would I want  to invest time, emotion and energy into something that robs joy and beauty from my life?” But overcoming negative self-talk scripts is challenging.

So, exploring, growing, developing: that’s my theme right now. What about you? What were your favorite parts of 2017? What challenges will you be facing in 2018? 

Your Best Work Isn’t “Nothing”

As you may have noticed, I think very highly of Seth Godin. This blog post gave words to an idea I’ve been considering:

Money for nothing

Seth says “…your best work isn’t nothing…”. I adore that! A reminder that our work is valuable, that our lives have worth. Seeking shortcuts to accomplishment not only shortchanges the one seeking the easy path, it short changes us all. We need to see the value we add, embrace that, and, then, get to work!
I hope you have a marvelously productive Monday!
When searching for a “Featured Image” for this post, I came across this one. Reminds of my favorite things when working for Starbucks and Microsoft. 

Making The World Better: Thinking Positively

Currently, I find it challenging to deal with all the world’s negativity. Power, control and cache get granted to those who “pwn” the strongest. We relish the putting down, degradation and humiliation of those we deem “enemy” or other.

Long ago, I committed to living life the opposite way. Seeking ways to build up my community, even those I disagree with. Asking how we can find common ground, especially in this age.

After checking the news (inadvisable at times), I feel it important to re-commit to that path. Perhaps even more boldly, with greater energy.

“Let’s find the win-win in this life” I tell myself as the sirens pass by.

Thinking about my place in the blogosphere

I’ve been exploring my work as a blogger. Remarkably unfocused, but I’ve had s lot of fun. For several years I was the blogger in residence for a real estate team. Otherwise, it’s been about fun.

Lately I’m hearing from folks who’ve managed to make their living blogging or vlogging. And that’s a vision that compels me.

I love writing my blogs. But my scattered interests have resulted in seceral poorly attended to projects and cluttered sites.

I know I need focus. Need refinement. So, that’s my work right now. Which elements to i want as my focus. Not sure it needs to be anything I’ve spent time with before. Poetry, though, has resonatined and performed well. My Seattle blog does reasonably well, too. Neither is really at a point regarding page views to help me even cover the expenses of the site, though. I’ve also written about business, real estate and technology. So many possibilities….

So, I’m building a business plan, figuring out my focus and will then launch my new initiative. It’s time for me to take blogging more seriously, and to the next level…whatever that means.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas. Please leave me a comment below!