Personal Reflections

King: Love & Pride

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Ah, this…simply glorious in all it’s 80s splendor! Mullets (things of wonder, architecturally unsound yet resplendent in their glory), androgynous dress, spiky ginormous hair, weird leather and weirder suits, Doc Martens (spray-painted!), strange, nonsensical settings and graphics, and a bunch of young boys in leather running amok, and headbands! Perhaps intending to grasp some Mad […]

Digital Life

Feeling Hopeful

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My son just introduced me to this video by the British group “Bars and Melody“: Hopeful. The guys sing/rap quite well, but I find the anti-bullying message of this song powerful. It looks like this is a key part of their identity, which I fully support. Now, it’s important to note, this video is from […]


The Cure’s “A Forest” and the Evolution of a Band

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I’ve heard this song countless times. Today, Youtube popped this up in the recommended list and I happily listened. Seeing other versions in the sidebar from 1979, 1981, and 1992 made me wonder about how different each one sounded. I enjoyed witnessing the evolution of Robert Smith’s personal style as well. Below is the 1979 version, which […]

Social Media and the Web

The independent artist and social media

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Earlier this evening I attended a performance by Aaron Strumpel at my church. Talking to the musicians afterwards, I was reminded of several ways that modern technology is changing the music business. Yeah, there’s tech impacting performance, but that’s not really what’s got me jazzed right now. No, it’s the way the music business is […]