A few recommended Real Estate articles

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As you may know, I work in the real estate industry. I’m a licensed real estate agent, though currently don’t have my license with a brokerage, and work in the construction sector. With that, I watch the industry closely. These articles below cover national trends, which do impact us at a local level, somewhat. New […]

Life That Matters

Plane Crashes, Commutes, Construction and Taekwondo: My Week So Far

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It certainly has been interesting around the North Puget Sound area the past few days. First, bigger, news-worthy thingie: plane fell out of the sky. Well, that’s how it was described by an eyewitness. Most important detail: no serious injuries. Reminds of the old pilot joke: “A good landing is one you can walk away […]

The Pacific Northwest: Seattle and Beyond

Our First Autumn Storm : PNW Weather

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Up in Lynnwood and Marysville, where I live and work respectively, we’ve had a few significant wind gusts and some heavy rain, but nothing too dramatic. So, I’m fine and so’s the rest of my family. However, below are a few things to show the progress of the storm throughout the region.  Here’s a better report […]