Update on Star Wars Rebels and iTunes

I logged into iTunes yesterday and, boom, there it was: the opportunity to buy the season pass for Star Wars Rebels season 3. Funny, really, that, even after writing about it and tagging the official accounts of Star Wars, et al, I heard nothing from the official channels. Engaging fans is a pretty important thing to do in today’s environment, especially considering last year’s pricing gaff.

So, anyway, here we are.

Wondering about Star Wars Rebels and iTunes

…or Amazon, or anywhere. Last season I bought the season pass to both halves of the season (to my chagrin and annoyance). With the premier of Season 3 coming next week, I’ve been wondering when I’ll be able to buy the iTunes season pass. And I can’t find anything. It’s not in iTunes. Spent quite some time on the Google. Nada. I’d expect them to be pushing the season pass really soon. But it’s pretty quiet in internet-land.

I wonder if there’s some negotiation point hanging things up. Or if season two’s season-pass-gate soured folks. Or created some fear? Or…

Anyways, any of you heard something? I’d appreciate some insights if you got ’em. Or did I just need to subscribe to Disney XD? Bleh!

UPDATED: Star Wars Rebels Season 3 is NOW on iTunes, for all us cord-cutters. With that, the season pass reflects the cost of last year, what with the split season. That’s my assumption, at least. $39.99 is pretty steep if Disney plans on subdividing the season again.

Star Wars, Geek Culture And Visioning The Future

I’ve spent the evening troubleshooting stuff on my son’s computer, and binge watching Star Wars stuff on Youtube. This got me thinking: Star Wars, Star Trek and all such stuff really are envisioning the future. Geeks are all about loving, and creating the futures we envision.

It’s really fascinating to me how these myths play out and inspire us, challenge us towards a tech-centric future. Inspiration, building and growing drive. A critical element for this future building I’m so enthralled with.

With that, here’s the Rogue One trailer. The Star Wars universe is a buzz with speculation building out of this and the reported leaked script for episode 8.  It’s been a delight to play in this space. I adore this stuff deeply. What about you? Let me know.