A Look At The FUSE Conference

I found this fun little video today:

As fan of Debbie Millman’s work, especially her podcast: Design Matters, I really got a kick out it. Now, it’s a bit out of date (2013…wow…in some respects it seems like just a few days ago, and also like a hundred years ago).

I haven’t made it to a FUSE Conference yet. This is something that I find very intriguing and want to experience. Maybe not as bad as Burning Man, but, well, you know…

Anyway, I love the effect of leaving through the notebook. Very charming.


The future of video content

Just spent a moment exploring what’s available on YouTube, content-wise. Now, I love YouTubers like Casey Niestat and the like, but I was thinking about professional content. Things like Star Wars Rebels, movies, and other stuff. I was pleased by what I saw. 

A nice thing about purchasing content through YouTube: it can be watched on any device. Apple tv, Android devices, and, I expect, even my kindle. I hate having my videos and music held hostage by platform idiosyncrasies. And I hate Apple’s unwillingness to play well with others. 

Anyway, I’m thinking that YouTube might be the way I go to buy Rebels season 4. It’d be cool if I could burn the movies and such to DVDs. But I won’t hold my breath. 

I think I might have seen a glimmer of the future. If so, is pretty bright for YouTube. For now, at least. 

Auto-Play Emails: My Bane On The Web

Reading “With Autoplay On, Turkey Assassination Video Shocks Twitter” reminded me of one of the things I’ve hated on the web for ages: auto-play email.

Now, what I’ve long loathed is the simple nuisance of the videos blaring audio. What’s even better is when a site has multiple-autoplay videos on their site (like a news article and an ad). The noise and caucaphony drives me bats.

Now, though, here’s another, more powerful reason to end this practice. You’re scrolling through your Facebook or Twitter feed and your hit with a murder. There’s nothing more crass or brutal to just stumble upon.

If good taste nor good, thoughtful design won’t get the powers-that-be to end this practice, perhaps getting dinged with PTSD suits will.

End auto-play videos: it’s good for us all.