Carl’s Tech Toolbox

Below are tools and products I use regularly and recommend if you’re looking for:

Newegg’s Memory Finder: makes finding your RAM options easy.

Troubleshooting and diagnostic tools:

Office Substitutes:

PDF Alternatives:

  • I use FoxIt Phantom. It’s much cheaper than Acrobat Pro, and I like the way things are laid out better.

Adobe Alternatives: it’s hard to beat the Creative Suite’s domination of the creative world, but here are a few tools to provide some of that functionality with the monstrous price tag.

Here are some key general open source/freeware products I recommend.

  • Firefox: Browser extraordinaire!
  • Ubuntu: the most user friendly (in my opinion) of the Linux distributions.

Want to rip DVDs to your PC?

  • Handbrake, this is the best tool I’ve found for this.

Google’s URL Shortner: