Back in the 1980s, instead of the Commodore 64 I coveted, or a TRS 80, my dad bought us a IBM clone (an Eagle PC, if you care). My world changed forever. I’ve long loved electronics, whether gadgets, computers or games, they all delight me.

Over the years, I’ve experimented with coding in BASIC, COBOL, FORTRAN, Visual Basic, Java, C++, C#, along with HTML, CSS and Javascript. I’ve messed around a bit with PHP and Phython, too.

I’ve built a couple computers, messed with servers, networks and other delights. I have a solid technical competence, if not a computer science degree (I do have a certificate in Information Processing, for what that’s worth).

Social Media And The Web

I fell in love with the web well before the term “social media” was coined. Heck, before “blogging” was, too. I built my first blog in html, coding each update, building my own archives pages, etc. A labor of love, but labor nonetheless. I’ve crafted many a website, most of them built upon the delightful WordPress platform. Wordpress’ magic has made this work much more delightful, and I’m grateful.

Here are a few of the websites I’ve created and manage:

A good chunk of my career has centered on communications, public policy, and PR. With that, I have a natural interest and inclination with technology. Technology, smartphones and the web significantly shape my world-view.

Social Media and Mobile Technology will be one of the major drivers of change for the foreseeable future.