The glory of special snowflakes

I’ve heard the idea that “we’re all special snowflakes” used derisively. I take issue with that, yet also get the concern. 

Acknowledging uniqueness often gets mistaken for privilege. That we’re supposed to bend rules, expect exceptions. Because of our wonderful uniqueness. I see something quite different. 

EVERYONE is unique and wonderful made. There’s no privilege to our exceptional gifts and talents. Yet there is joy in finding that way of contributing. By becoming the best we can be, we make the world around us better. Maybe not transforming the earth, all of humanity, maybe just a small, local piece.

In this world of social commoditization, where mediocrity is the safe place, pushing ourselves, and everyone nearby, towards joyously maximizing their unique giftedness, with a humble, thankful heart, is powerful. It’s what will save our rage filled, egocentric society from itself.