Thinking about my place in the blogosphere

I’ve been exploring my work as a blogger. Remarkably unfocused, but I’ve had s lot of fun. For several years I was the blogger in residence for a real estate team. Otherwise, it’s been about fun.

Lately I’m hearing from folks who’ve managed to make their living blogging or vlogging. And that’s a vision that compels me.

I love writing my blogs. But my scattered interests have resulted in seceral poorly attended to projects and cluttered sites.

I know I need focus. Need refinement. So, that’s my work right now. Which elements to i want as my focus. Not sure it needs to be anything I’ve spent time with before. Poetry, though, has resonatined and performed well. My Seattle blog does reasonably well, too. Neither is really at a point regarding page views to help me even cover the expenses of the site, though. I’ve also written about business, real estate and technology. So many possibilities….

So, I’m building a business plan, figuring out my focus and will then launch my new initiative. It’s time for me to take blogging more seriously, and to the next level…whatever that means.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas. Please leave me a comment below!