The Pacific Northwest: Seattle and Beyond

Thoughts about Amazon and Seattle 

Back in the mid-90s I worked a short project at Amazon.  The gist of it: assembling work stations in a new call center. 

It was a unique place to be. Most striking: this guy who had his corgi at the office. About once an hour, he would throw a ball down the hallway. The dog would tear down the hall, bring the ball back, rinsert & repeat. It was filled with great people and felt like a positive place to work.  

It’s gratifying to see this icon of Seattle’s tech culture growing so boldly. They’ve no grown past the 150,000 eemoloyee mark, with 30,000 of them in Washington. Though fewer than number 1 with 75k at Boeing, and Microsoft’s 44k, they’re a solid player in Seattle’s business scene. 

They’re also a player in our real estate market, with some 8.5 million square feet of office space. They’re the biggest player in South Lake Union. And their continued staffing growth will bring more home buyers, increasing the pressure on supply. 

Delighted to see their continued success and look forward to seeing what the future brings