Reading a bit about some ideas futurists have, I’m struck by the way they see the world. They only see the potential. Looking out at all the possibilities, they only consider what could be useful. Rarely, if ever, do they look at the problems; either with their ideas, or what problems the technology in question is supposed to solve. It’s not often that our society changes to perform something somewhat more effectively. There either needs to be a dramatic change, or some significant need filled, before behaviors are modified. We’re always overcoming a fear of the unknown, a mighty fear it is, too.

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I’m Carl Setzer, a nearly life-long resident of greater Seattle. I'm a Realtor. A geek who loves things Star Trek and Star Wars, Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell. I’m a technophile who’s studied many different computing systems and ideologies. And as an alum of the US Navy’s Nuclear Power Program, I have a solid engineering skill-set and experience with complex project management process.